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14 - 17 May

Book World Prague 2015
21st international book fair and literary festival

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In addition to programmes co-produced with the guest of honour (Egypt), the Book World company prepares events comprising other themed programmes, in which it is assisted by the active involvement of its partners, publishers and other relevant organizations. Each year the fair’s organizing team addresses different groups of potential visitors by announcing themed blocks attractive to readers as it strives to increase general reader awareness and promote literacy on a national and international scale.

This year’s fair will present the following programme blocks:

World champion books for young readers

This theme includes an exhibition of award-winning books for children and young people from all over the world, with events devoted to areas of literature that are gaining in popularity among publishers. There will also be presentations of artist’s books by illustrators, art workshops on questions of illustration, picture books, graphic works, etc. Within this theme we will cooperate with colleagues from the EU Read group, the International Youth Library in Munich, the Czech Section of IBBY and authors and publishers of children’s literature in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Literary Diaspora and Czechs around the World

By this theme we wish to draw attention to Czechs who live outside the Czech Republic, write in exile and yet do not forget their native land. We will invite a selection of notable guests to Prague and appeal to partners including the following: the Department of Cultural and Compatriotic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Český dialog, Libri Prohibiti, publications for Czech expatriates, Czech Radio.

The Photograph and the Book

The Photograph and the Book: Photography publications as an important aspect of book culture that links the visual arts and printing and results in a unique aesthetic experience. This theme will provide opportunities to meet photographers and mount exhibitions of books and photographs at the site of the festival and other locations in Prague. We wish to publicize the products of publishers active in this area as well as the work of practitioners of art and reportage photography.